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Title Country
Looking for an expert on web scraping. Australia Open job
GIA Map Formatting for Presentation United States Open job
Creating a macro or condition in Google Sheets to help me conditionally copy rows to a new sheet. United States Open job
Business Process Researcher needed for 4-5 mth engagement United States Open job
A tableau expert needed to quickly create dynamic dashboards. Having strong excel/SQL skills is a +. United States Open job
Short 4 Question SQL Exercise United States Open job
Implement Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Event Tracking New Zealand Open job
Text Mining Saudi Arabia Open job
Statistician/mathematician needed for creating oddsmodel Australia Open job
Skip Tracing United States Open job
Data scientist with data engineering, ML and python developer needed for 380m of sentiment datapoint China Open job
Proposal to make children 0 to 1 years old sleep. New Zealand Open job
Push the Capabilities of PowerBI United States Open job
Python script to read excel and generate plots, fit equation, generate R^2 and more United States Open job
Sentiment Classification for movie reviews from feature extraction to classification Australia Open job
Nutritionist to calculate nutrition of paleo meals Thailand Open job
Startup Fundraising Research support Switzerland Open job
Need to create a bespoke psychometric assessment test Qatar Open job
Tag Manager / GA Expert needed to fix datalayer/custom dimension Australia Open job