Build a Complex Excel Workbook with Dashboard

Hello everyone,

We need an Excel expert to build us a few complex Excel workbooks including dashboards, VBA, pivot tables and so on. (financial knowledge would be helpful) This workbooks will be used by executives and small business owners, so it is important that it looks quite sleek and professional.

This job opening is for the first workbook: Basically, the user retrieves his/her inventory data from SAP (or any similar ERP software) and want to input this raw data into our workbook. Our template should take this data and process it with necessary tools such as pivot tables, formulas and VBA. (the workbook should have a robust and clean structure in the background) After putting the raw data, user wants to see the results on a dashboard supported with some pivot charts.

For the development of following workbooks, we want to work with the same person if he/she can do this job well enough. The first job is not super urgent (3-4 weeks should be fine).

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