GIS Shape File creation

Shape files in a geodatabase with districts of the Former Yugoslavia in 1950.
This will be based on 3 tiff files showing the districts in Yugoslavia in the 1950s and where possible following the borders of the smallest administrative districts today
The shape file needs to have an attribute table populated with the names of the districts from the PDF file.
In order to make sure they match, you will need occasionally to do some wikipedia and google research in order to figure out what the districts in the tiff files are. Remember that all the districts in visible in the tiff file are listed in the pdf.
As an example, I provide that shapefiles that I made for Croatia in 1964.

Ideal freelancer
Someone who can make shapefiles in ArcGIS or other software, ideally who is familiar with the name places in the former Yugoslavia (desirable, but not required). Great attention to detail is vital.
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