IT Technical Marketing Website Content Writer

IT Technical Marketing Website Content Writer for our website:

with the below:
Technology solutions:

o IT Transformation OR Enterprise solutions :


 Enterprise architecture
 Enterprise application integration
 Electronic data interchange
 API management
 Blockchain

Keywords: API, DevOps, enterprise service bus (ESP), data integration, SOA, middleware, testing, agile, cloud computing,  cloud computing, IoT.. etc.

o Business Process transformation:

Capability/services :

• Business Process Management
• Business Process Automation
• Robotic Process Automation

Keywords: RPA, automation, BPM, Process optimization, modeling, Process, AI, ML,  Smart, Backoffice automation, workflow automation, robotic…

o Big Data analytics

Capability/services :
 Data Preparation and modiling
 Data & Analytic
 Predictive Analytic
 Data Monetization
 Data Standardizations & Normalizations

Keywords: BI, data analysis, data mining, IoT, visualization, dashboard, Predictive analytics, data warehouse, AI, machine learning,  Big data, deep learning …

you can take a look as a sample like this:


for our Proven SA website:

we need to write about IT Support Services:
• Service Desk for immediate telephone technical support
• Rapid response for on-site & remote assistance & network management
• Pro-active server and desktop management
• IT health checks
• Security updates and patches
• Extra resources to supplement your team when needed
• End users training on new software and technology supplied
• Software support
• Hardware maintenance
• IT infrastructure & software consulting solutions
• Mobile device support & sync
• CCTV Support
• AV & screen projects support
• Web hosting support
• Backup data support
• IT inventory & tracking
• IP Telephony & PBX support
• Wireless support
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